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About Us

Welcome To MMARRK Capital Ventures

MMARRK Capital Ventures Pvt Ltd is a leading provider of financial services and lays emphasis on creating customized solutions in the areas of Equity investment, Currency, Commodity, Wealth management, international market, PMS, Private Equity.   MMARRK Capital Venture Pvt Ltd relies on its depth expertise and understanding of diverse regulatory frameworks to identify value creating opportunities. We craft bespoke solutions for our clients with our greatest assets – the pooled intellectual capital of our team. MMARRK Management has experience of more than 3 decades in Capital Market and presence in seven locations in Delhi NCR and an Award-winning team of MOTILAL OSWAL financial services ltd. MMARRK Capital Venture Pvt Ltd is a part of MOTILAL OSWAL Financial Services Ltd.

CEO of Company

Mr.Khem Karan Chopra

Trading is a tale of struggle, re-assessment and adaptation.  These words are closely relatable to Mr.Khem Karan Chopra who   started his career in Financial Market in the year 1995 and is   leading a strong Trading team.He established himself well versed   in Financial Industry with an overallexperience of 26 years by   inheriting perseverance, discipline and time management skills   along with the patience to build up a successful business.

His inquisitive nature and strive to acquire more and more   knowledge throughout his career, has always pushed him with a   desire to not just maintain the status quo but to get bigger and   better for his clients. His passion, execution, solid Research and   expert advices have helped clients in creating valuable wealth for   themselves.

His simple & clear planning approach has created a solid   base of   extremely satisfied clients for the organization. Focusing  on long   term gains, adapting to change and regular homework, is   his   motto for a successful expansion in Capital market for any   individual.

Mr Karan jain sir has 10 years of indepth experience in financial services (equity, mutual funds, third party products etc). Since 2012, 5 years experience in bankning sector(HDFC Bank). Working with mmarrk since 2017 as partner. Head of HSS(hidden shares solutions) segment of Mmarrk.

A polished professional with varied work experience. His focus lies in Capital Markets, Mutual Fund Industry, People Management, Fundamental & Technical Analysis, and Portfolio Management.

He has over a dozen certifications in financial markets and is also proficient in technical analysis. Workouts, cycling, and adventuring is what he does outside of MMark.

Mr Karan Jain